Preparing For A Spicy Food Challenge At A Mexican Restaurant

Posted on: 7 December 2017

Spicy food challenges are an exciting way to try out new spicy foods. However, it can be hard to prepare for one if you haven't eaten a lot of spicy foods. That's why it is important to prepare properly before sitting down at a Mexican restaurant.

How To Spot A Spicy Dish

Mexican dishes are usually the most potently spicy in the country because of the ingredients that they use. For example, fresh, dried, and pickled chiles are common in a variety of dishes. Mexican cuisine also uses a variety of peppers to increase their potency. These foods contain a variety of chemicals that make them too hot for some people to handle.

This spiciness is particularly true if you eat peppers like jalapenos or salsas with chipotle. In a spicy food challenge, you are going to end up eating a large amount of these items. They will be very carefully prepared in a high-quality Mexican restaurant and served to you in a variety of formats. One of the toughest aspects of this type of challenge is the psychological preparation required to succeed in one of these events.

Psychological Preparation Is Important

People who aren't used to spicy foods may struggle to psyche themselves up for a spicy food challenge. This psychological challenge is a hurdle that can be very tough to overcome. That's why it is important to prepare for this event by eating a few spicy foods before the challenge begins.

For example, you can sit down in the Mexican restaurant before the event and try some of their spiciest foods in smaller amounts. You can then pair them with foods that can calm a stomach and manage the excessive heat caused by the spicy ingredients in Mexican dishes.

Pairing Spicy Foods With Calming Ones

One of the biggest secrets of eating spicy Mexican foods is pairing it with a side dish that will help calm the heat. Milk is one of the most effective of these types of foods. That's why cheese is such a popular extra item in Mexican dishes. Ask for a side of non-spicy nacho cheese in which you can dip your food. Some Mexican restaurants will even pour this type of cheese on the top of your food.

You should also pair it with rice for extra calming power. Rice usually pairs very well with most types of Mexican foods. It is particularly a great choice with meat-heavy dishes, such as burritos and tacos. The health benefits of rice help to off-set some of the heavier aspects of these dishes. In fact, mixing cheese with rice is a great way to maximize the calming benefits of these foods. You can also add a vegetable to calm a potentially upset stomach.

So if you think you are ready to tackle the spicy challenge of a great Mexican restaurant, like El Molinito Restaurant & Catering, don't hesitate to get started. You can always call ahead to check what kinds of food the restaurant and the challenge offers. In this way, you can avoid the kind of stomach ache that spicy food challenges can cause many people.