Add Gourmet Burgers To Your Diet

Posted on: 11 April 2022

Gourmet burgers that are sold at a fine dining establishment will often exceed the expectations of a diner who is accustomed to eating at a fast-food restaurant or another restaurant that features a basic menu. Quality is the main characteristic that sets a gourmet burger apart from a standard one. Explore some ways to add gourmet burgers to your personal diet.

Try Some New Dining Establishments

A gourmet burger is one that a chef may take great pride in. Fresh vegetables, premium beef, poultry, and pork products, and a blend of fancy spices may be used to create custom patties. Gourmet burgers may be featured on a dining establishment's advertising materials and menu. A premium product may come with an inflated cost. This is due to the quality ingredients that are used to prepare a patty.

Review prices that some dining establishments charge and research the burger portion sizes and meat varieties that are featured at each restaurant. Some restaurants may use staple meat products that have been purchased from a grocery store or a butcher shop. Others may use wild game meats, fish, or seafood, to create a unique line of burgers. A quality product may be served on an artisan bun that has been hand-prepared within a restaurant's kitchen. Select several restaurants to visit and order a different gourmet burger from each one. 

Prepare A Special Blend

Combining various proteins will provide a homemade gourmet burger with a distinct taste and texture. Some home cooks may prefer to add their own spin to their creations, by using a wide range of ingredients to create unique patties. Preparing a special blend of meat should be your main objective. First, stop by a local grocery store and shop for several cuts of meat that you would like to use when making your first batch of patties.

Request that the shop's butcher grinds the meat products or use a tabletop grinder to prepare the meat yourself. Set up several bowls of spices on a counter or table. Use an egg yolk or a sauce variety to bind the meat pieces together.

If you prefer juicy burgers, add a little bit of milk to the meat blend that is being used to create gourmet patties. Try out various meat and spice combinations, to aid with preparing a batch of patties that will be flavorful. If you have a garden on your property, pick some fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and other vegetables that can be used to top each burger patty.

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