• Host An Informal Wedding And Reception On Farmland

    The moment has come that you vowed would never happen, you have decided to tie the knot with your country loving, backwoods boyfriend. In fact, your partner is so unconventional that he has insisted that you and him plan an informal wedding on his farmland and host a country-themed reception to celebrate the union. The suggestions below will help you achieve this feat and provide everyone who attends with fun and festivities.
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  • 3 Heart Health Benefits Of A Traditional Mediterranean Diet

    It's easy to think of pizza, pasta, and lamb chops when you think of Mediterranean food, but these are only small parts of a traditional Mediterranean menu. A traditional Mediterranean diet is composed mostly of legumes, seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and lots of olive oil. A diet that uses these components as its building blocks can have great benefits for your heart health. Take a look at a few of the heart-health benefits of adopting a traditional Mediterranean diet.
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  • Preparing For A Spicy Food Challenge At A Mexican Restaurant

    Spicy food challenges are an exciting way to try out new spicy foods. However, it can be hard to prepare for one if you haven't eaten a lot of spicy foods. That's why it is important to prepare properly before sitting down at a Mexican restaurant. How To Spot A Spicy Dish Mexican dishes are usually the most potently spicy in the country because of the ingredients that they use.
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