Host An Informal Wedding And Reception On Farmland

Posted on: 28 December 2017

The moment has come that you vowed would never happen, you have decided to tie the knot with your country loving, backwoods boyfriend. In fact, your partner is so unconventional that he has insisted that you and him plan an informal wedding on his farmland and host a country-themed reception to celebrate the union. The suggestions below will help you achieve this feat and provide everyone who attends with fun and festivities. 

Adorn The Farmland With Handmade Decor

If flowering plants are growing on the farmland, clip some of them so that they can be used as decorations during the wedding ceremony. Place cut flowers inside of vases or string flowers with twine and a needle to create homemade garland. Drape the garland across a portable archway that you and your future spouse will be standing under or wrap the garland strands around fencing that surrounds the area where the wedding will take place. 

Order Food Through A Caterer And Have It Set Up Under A Canopy

A catering service will prepare food items that you have selected and will serve them to your guests in an informal dining area. Since you and your spouse would like to plan a country-themed reception, order fried chicken, potato salad, fresh vegetable slices, fruit pies, and any other food items that you typically eat and that remind you of country living.

If the reception is being held on a part of the property that receives a lot of sunlight, set up a canopy on the land to provide shelter and shade. Place picnic tables underneath the canopy and drape large pieces of netting across the sides of the canopy to prevent insects from flying on food. Request that the catering crew set up platters of food before guests arrive so that everyone can eat as soon as the reception begins. 

Request That Guests Partake In The Entertainment Provided

Instead of hiring an entertainer, try something a little more unique by requesting that your guests partake in the entertainment portion of the reception. People who play an instrument or who enjoy singing made up songs or songs that they have heard on the radio can be included in the entertainment part of the party. Create a stage on the property by stacking pallets across the ground. Cover the homemade stage with a thick carpet. Plug in a microphone and speakers so that entertainers can be heard by the audience. 

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