Making Summertime Sweet Iced Coffee From K Cups

Posted on: 11 January 2018

The summertime often means soaring temperatures. When the temperatures are higher, you may not be interested in having a steaming hot cup of coffee. Not wanting a hot beverage doesn't mean that you need to go without having your favorite morning drink. With your Keurig, you can brew coffee, yet keep it cooled down. Here are three steps to making the best cup of iced coffee for the perfect start to a summertime morning. 

Turn the machine to the lowest setting

When the weather changes, so should the temperature dial on your Keurig. Be sure to turn the dial to its lowest temperature setting if you intend on making iced coffee. If you enjoy iced coffee during the day and a cup of hot coffee at night, put a small sign above your Keurig station to remind you to turn the dial appropriately. once the temperature is at the lowest setting, you will be able to add it to a cup of ice without melting issues.

Select a strong or dark coffee

Adding coffee to ice will lessen the strength of the coffee. For your iced coffee, select a strong brew, especially a dark brew or a coffee that has a strong, detectable flavor. Some coffees come in particular flavors such as french vanilla and cinnamon. Having a dark brew with your favorite flavoring means that even after the coffee and ice have combined, you will still have your favorite flavor of coffee in your cup. If you do not yet have a favorite dark flavor or tend to enjoy blond or medium coffee, try a dark roast in the same brand to give you iced coffee a kick for a longer lasting flavor. 

Add in the sweetness

After you add the coffee to the ice, you want to add in your sweet add-ons. Making iced coffee sweeter will stop the bitterness and balance out the water and coffee. Once the coffee and ice are combined, add the sugar, creamer, and any spices to the top of the coffee. Use a stirring straw or wooden stirrer in order to mix the flavor in. Stay away from using spoons, as the ice may not allow enough room for the spoon to stir the mixture together. This can leave clumps of sugar or spice at the top or bottom of the cup. Once the coffee has been stirred, add a straw to the lid and take the cup with you on your summer day. 

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