Tips For Organizing Catering For Your Wedding

Posted on: 16 January 2018

When you are arranging a wedding, ensuring that your guests are well fed can be a major point of stress. Mistakes when it comes to the logistics of menu and catering planning can be extremely disruptive. Yet, there are several steps that you may be able to take to greatly reduce the risk of encountering problems with this aspect of your wedding.

Be Thorough When Setting A Menu

There are some individuals that may fail to appreciate the importance of having a diverse menu for those attending the wedding. In addition to helping to ensure that there will be something that everyone will enjoy, having a diverse menu can also help to accommodate those that suffering from serious food allergies. When you are inviting guests, you should include a section on the invitation to allow them to list food allergies so that you can set your menu accordingly. Furthermore, you may find that including a list of the ingredients on the menu will further aid those with allergies to avoid potentially harmful dishes.

Have A Plan For Getting The Supplies For The Place Settings

In addition to ensuring that your guests have delicious food to eat, you will also need to provide those attending the event with utensils, plates, linens and other supplies to use while they are eating. Unfortunately, some individuals will assume that the catering service will always provide these materials. Yet, it is common for these services to exclusively provide the food. While some of these services may provide these supplies for additional fees, you will need to check with each potential wedding catering service as this can vary greatly from one service to the next. If you hire a catering service that does not provide these items, they may be able to refer you to a rental service that can provide these items for you at a fraction of the cost of buying them yourself.

Accommodate Your Catering Service

It is important to realize that your catering service will have some needs that will need to be met if they are to perform at their best. Often, this will include having a suitable area to set up their operation. While this may not always require a fully operational kitchen, these providers will likely need ample electrical outlet to keep their food warmers and other electric tools working. Prior to the day of your wedding, you may want to tour the venue with your catering service so that they can let you know where they will set up and anything else that they may require.