Improving Your Barbecue Dishes

Posted on: 24 January 2018

Spending your summer days in front of a grill, cooking up some barbecue dishes is probably a happy memory and a future plan. However, when's the last time you really thought about your grilling skills? Could you be doing better? With a peek at these suggestions, you may get new ideas about how you can make your dishes really wonderful.

Stop Pressing Burgers

Pressing down your metal spatula on a beefy burger after you flip it may be so ingrained in your cooking style that you don't even notice it anymore. However, think about the action itself: as you press, juices emerge from the patty. That means the succulence you could be experiencing is being pushed out of each burger you press. If your burgers always turn out just a little dry, no matter what else you're doing, that spatula pressure is likely the cause.

Instead, once you form beef patties or purchase them, do what you can to lock in moisture. Flip them without any spatula pressure and consider keeping the top on the grill so that any moisture doesn't evaporate.

Try New Spices

Pepper and salt might be your go-to flavors, but if you want to get better at your dishes, you're going to need to expand your flavor profiles. A spot of cayenne or a dash of paprika may be just the seasoning you're missing. Research different spices and experiment with one or two new ones every time you fire up your grill. You may discover new blends you love.

Wait Before Glazing

If you've concocted a rich glaze or want to apply BBQ sauce to chops or other meat, you may put it on as soon as you place the meat on the rack. However, if your sauce or glaze has fructose, glucose, sucrose or other sugar ingredients, remember what happens when you put sugar in a frying pan; it begins burning if heated too long. You may want the glaze to carmelize a bit, but if it's on the grill too soon, it will start to taste more of charcoal than sweetness.

For good results, wait until your meat is almost ready to be removed from heat and plated; a few minutes of heat is all that's necessary.

Your own skill with a grill can always improve. These details are helpful. You might also rediscover any local BBQ spots, such as Grumpy's Bar B Que Roadhouse; an old favorite barbecue restaurant can provide ideas and something to strive for.