3 Tips For Creating The Perfect Romantic Picnic Dinner

Posted on: 6 August 2018

In the summer months, few things are more charming and romantic than a picnic with your sweetheart. Instead of just slapping together some basic sandwiches and calling it a picnic, make the most of your time together by planning something truly special. Implement these ideas and tips in order to turn your next picnic into a romantic dinner your loved one will remember.

1. Don't Skimp on Artisan Bread

Once you taste fresh-baked artisan bread, you will never want to settle for stale, flavorless, pre-packaged bread again. Go to your local bakery and pick up some fresh-baked artisan bread that you know your partner will love, whether it's warm, chewy baguette or a loaf of sourdough.

You can now base your picnic menu around this quality artisan bread, opting for a variety of local cheeses, tasty olives, jams, and dipping sauces that can be applied to or eaten with the bread. Your local baker will most likely have great suggestions for pairing the bread thoughtfully for a well-rounded dinner picnic.

2. Pay Attention to the Details

A picnic dinner should be quaint and old-fashioned, and it pays to pay special attention to the small details that will keep your picnic from feeling cheap or poorly planned. A wicker picnic basket is not only charming, but also has all the compartments you need to neatly stash your picnic goodies.

Remember to bring real silverware, as well as glasses for your wine or sparkling cider. Napkins or wet-naps are also a must. If your picnic is in the evening, you may want to bring a bug spray or balm, but be sure to choose something made from essential oils so your picnic atmosphere isn't taken over by harsh chemical smells. A portable, battery-operated lantern is also a good idea for when dusk comes.

3. Don't Forget Dessert 

No romantic picnic is complete without a delicious dessert to share. Small pastries, cake pops, or mini cupcakes from your local bakery are always a hit. Another idea is to bring your own portable fondue set along with a simple chocolate sauce. You and your honey will have fun dipping your artisan French bread and strawberries in the sauce, and this special touch will definitely make your picnic stand out.

These romantic picnic tips only take a bit of extra thought and planning, but they make a huge impact. Your next picnic will be a romantic dinner you will both remember for years.