The Benefits Of Having A Permanent Gas Barbecue Installed

Posted on: 27 July 2021

When you think of a grill, you probably picture the portable variety that rolls around on wheels and can be positioned anywhere in your yard. Indeed, most grills fit this description. However, there are also permanent grills that you can have installed in an outdoor counter or larger outdoor kitchen setup. Is a permanent grill right for you? Review these benefits, and decide for yourself.

1. You can use natural gas as fuel

Most portable grills run off propane as a fuel source, simply because propane tanks are portable and widely available. But if you have a permanent grill installed, it can be connected to the natural gas supply in your home. This means you won't have to haul propane tanks anymore. Also, natural gas tends to be cheaper than propane. Your gas bill should only go up a tiny bit once you have a permanent grill installed.

2. You won't have to find somewhere to store the grill in winter

Finding a place to store your gas grill in winter is always a challenge. Maybe you can fit it in the garage, but then it takes up valuable parking space. Getting it down into a basement isn't an easy alternative. When you have a built-in barbecue grill, it generally comes with a cover that you can put over it during the winter and during bad weather, so you never have to worry about moving the grill.

3. You can set up a more permanent dining area around it

When you have a portable grill that you're always moving around, you're always having to move your other lawn furniture around, too. If you have a built-in grill that's a more permanent fixture in your backyard, though, you can set your lawn or patio furniture up around it and leave it in place all season long. After all, you're always going to be grilling in the same area.

4. You'll get a more durable grill

Built-in grills are truly made to last. They are made with stronger materials, and they're generally easier to clean since the manufacturers know they'll have to be cleaned in place. If you were to get a portable grill, you'd have to replace it a few years down the road. A built-in grill should last you much longer.

Built-in grills are becoming more and more popular over the years. Consider adding one to embrace these benefits.

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